Your vehicle may be the second largest investment you make. You will want to protect that investment with regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance. Where you choose to get your vehicle serviced is just as important in prolonging the life of your vehicle.

The vehicle maintenance provider you choose can make a big difference in the quality of service. The experienced automotive technicians at Japan Auto will be happy to help you follow the manufacturer’s car maintenance schedule as outlined in your owner's manual.

If your vehicle has left you feeling frustrated and out of control, it is past time to get it into a car repair shop for some special attention. Our team of experts go beyond the “extra mile” to take special care of your vehicle.

Our technicians are highly trained to take care of complete automotive service, ranging from routine preventative vehicle maintenance, such as a simple tire repair, to a more complex automotive repair service.

For more details on service, please give us a call we will be happy to answer all of your questions



Does your car start right up when you turn the key in the ignition? If not, consider it a red flag warning that an inspection of the alternator and starter should be added to your “things to do” list.

It’s time to enlist the help of our technicians at Japan Auto. With their advanced electrical diagnostic equipment and specialized training, they can diagnose problems correctly in your vehicle’s electrical system and perform the necessary service and repair.


Is your vehicle having engine problems? Does your “check engine light” stay on? Before considering the purchase of a brand-new vehicle, give our certified engine repair specialists a call for help. With their knowledge and experience, the mechanics at Japan Auto can bring your old vehicle back to life with expert engine repair, including head gaskets, valve jobs, and even complete engine replacements.



Does your car hesitate before it responds to your touch on the accelerator, causing you to feel uneasy about pending transmission problems? For your peace of mind, schedule a transmission service with the expert auto technicians at Japan Auto. They are equipped to handle transmission repair and transmission fluid changes for all types of drivelines, makes & models of cars and trucks.


Whether you drive a new or used vehicle, there may come a time when you need expert help with the air conditioner in your vehicle. Call us at Japan Auto for an A/C diagnostic service to help you restore and maintain the cool air conditioning you desire.


Has your engine lost its cool, showing signs of overheating?

Watch for these warnings signs that the cooling system of your vehicle may need a repair:

  • Engine belts and hoses show signs of wear

  • Temperature gauge on dashboard says “hot”

  • A burnt smell when the engine is running

  • Dark, non-transparent fluid leaks

  • Steam coming out from the radiator

Want to Prevent a Radiator Repair?

A little radiator service now can help prevent the need to replace radiator or experience near fture engine problems.